History of Smartwatches

in this article I will briefly explain the evolution of smartwatches t he smartwatch has been around for longer than you may think, in fact, we’ve all probably been the proud owner of one at some stage

Or perhaps the Seiko message watch of the 90’s was more your style? Finally, in the late 90’s, Samsung entered the scene with one of the first ever watch phones. Turns out there was smartwatch life before Apple after all!

Our affinity for wearing technology on our wrist never lets up, and the struggle to create the ultimate smartwatch continues.

While there have been many a dip in the trend, there are lots of debates as to whether the smartwatch is a flop or not. Interestingly enough, most large brands are developing a smartwatch and there are also several online marketplaces for watches 

which allow you to view and compare various brands at once and make the whole process of choosing a smartwatch a lot easier.

Another important element that seems to regularly arise when it comes to wearable tech, is the fact that the watch is, and always has been a fashion accessory. This means that wearing an over-sized computer watch on your wrist is not necessarily the most attractive option.

As a result, many smartwatch producers are constantly trying to find ways to turn the tide – such as Apple’s collaborations with the likes of the French luxury brand, Hermès.

However, Smartwatch is growing into a gadget that individuals are ready into the existence, a remarkably personal gadget that is your greatest fitness companion.

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